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Research Design

Foundations of Public Administration


Applied Research Design [Fall 2018 Syllabus] [Fall 2018 Evaluation] [Spring 2019 Syllabus



Introduction to Nonprofit Administration [Spring 2018 Syllabus] [Spring 2018 Evaluation] [Fall 2017 Evaluation]

Evidence-based Pedagogy


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McDougle, L., McDonald, D., McIntyre Miller, W., Li, H., and Xu, C. (2017). Can Philanthropy be Taught? Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. 46(2), 330-351. [article]

Xu, C., Li, H., and McDougle, L. (2018) "Experiential Philanthropy" in Global Encyclopaedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance. Springer Publication.

Media Coverage

Philanthropy Journal News (Nov 20, 2017). "Can Philanthropy Be Taught?" by Sandra Cyr. [source]

NVSQ Blog (March 15, 2018). "Can Philanthropy Be Taught?". [source]